Compost Systems

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We’re proud to offer pest proof, long lasting cedar compost systems. Our systems are used by New Roots Urban Farm and The Student Co-op at Wash U.

Double-Bin System, built for New Roots Urban Farm

Double-Bin System: Our most popular system, the double bin allows you let one pilebreak down while you add new kitchen and yard scraps to the other.

Triple-Bin Cedar Compost System, built for the Student Cooperative at Washington University

Triple-Bin System: For the community gardens, sustainable restaurants, and home-garden heroes, this is a compost system to digest even your kitchen sinks. Use all three bins for rotating compost piles, or set one aside for leaves and other high carbon materials to layerbetween your food scraps.

Single-Bin System: Recommended for tight spaces. We suggest having at least two bins so that you can rotate you compost pile – one that you’re adding to and one that is breaking down. If you can’t fit our double-bin system with all its girth, consider two strategically placed single-bin systems. Or, if you produce a very small amount of compost material, this could be the system for you.