Integrated Design Services

I. Interview – As we learn about what you want for your space, we’ll start to identify strategies that a permaculture design might include. If you like our suggestions, we’ll give you a quote for a full design.

II. Design – Designs are crafted to meet your holistic goals in a profoundly sustainable manner. Imagine yourself producing the foods you love to eat, even while reducing time and money spent on conventional lawn care and maintenance.

Common design features include:

    • Perennial Food Forests
    • Annual Garden Bed Installation
    • Rainwater Catchment (Barrels) & Rain Gardens
    • Cold Frames
    • Greenhouses
    • Grey-water Systems

III. Installation – Once you have your design in hand, you can hire us to implement the whole design, or just get you started with a few select features. Or, if you’re a DIYer, you can jump right into it yourself!

Contact us today to schedule an on-site consultation and interview.