Introduction to Permaculture (1 day)

This workshop will introduce participants to the history, ethics, process, and basic principles of permaculture design.

Building on that foundation, we’ll look in depth at the soil food web and explore how it relates to composting and gardening.

The second half of the day can be tailored to your group’s particular interests, or we can bring you our standard workshop that looks at perennial food forests and at urban permaculture strategies. Other topic options are listed below.

Possible Workshop Topics:

Fungi; Patterns in Nature; Succession; Food Forest; Climate & Microclimate; Temperate Strategies; Urban Strategies; Annual Gardens; Seed Saving; Water; Contour & Earthworks; Natural Building; Animal Husbandry; Final Design Process – How to conduct a Permaculture interview; Mulching & Legumes; Ecovillage Living; Permaculture Finances & Strategies